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Hey Kids!

I'm Doctor Laser! My real name is Jason Sapan. My first job working in holography was in 1968. Its been exciting working with lasers in a laboratory all these years. I'd like to share some of what I've learned with you.

Holography is unlike any other way of making a picture. Holograms are 3D. That means that holograms are three dimensional. Photographs are two dimensional or as we say, flat! The two dimensions in a photograph are width and height. Holograms have both of these plus the third dimension, depth (another way of saying thickness). Everything around us has all three of these dimensions, even you!

Did you know it takes two eyes to see in 3D? Its true! Its because the field of vision of each eye overlaps the other that we can see in three dimensions. Your brain can tell from the slight differences in position of where each of your eyes is looking, where in 3D space the thing you are looking at actually is. Try covering one eye and then reaching out to grab something. Its hard. That's because we need 3D vision to be able to judge where things are.

Holograms are not the only type of 3D picture. They are just the best! That's because holograms are very powerful. If you made a hologram of a leaf with a droplet of water on it, you could take a microscope to the hologram and see what's in that drop of water, like the nucleus of a one celled amoeba! That's because holograms store details down to the size of light waves. And light waves are truly itsy bitsy. Light waves measure about a half of a millionth of a meter in size. You could fit around two million light waves in a meter. A meter is the standard metric measurement and is 39.37 inches long, just a few inches longer than a yard. In a hologram everything down to size of a light wave is recorded. Its a very powerful medium. A hologram the size of an average man's brain could store every written document in history from the ancient days of Hammurabi's Code in Mesopotamia to today's newspaper. Now that's powerful!

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