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Custom holograms projects



Two color Heart hologram project

These are the steps needed to make this hologram.

The client wanted a two color reflection hologram that showed the heart's veins in blue and arteries in red without any other heart tissues.

step 1 - Model making

We started by casting a heart model in plaster of paris. Next we used brown clay to create the arteries and veins. Then we covered the entire sculpture in a two part rubber to create a cast. When it was hard we carefully cut it open and removed the sculpture from it. Next, we removed all the veins and arteries made from clay leaving only the white plaster model of the heart. This was placed into the rubber mold we had just made. With the clay removed, there were voids left open where the veins and arteries had previously been. Into this void we poured a two part mix we made of polyester casting resin. Once it hardened we opened the rubber mold and removed our model of veins and arteries still attached to the plaster heart model. Then came the hard part. Using a Dremel tool, we carefully cut away the plaster heart leaving only the cast polyestar model of the veins and arteries.

Step 2 - Shooting the hologram

Once the model was made it had to be prepared for our hologram shoot. We painted all the arteries white and the veins in black for our first holographic exposure. This would give us our red master hologram.

The model was securely mounted and exposed with laser light in our holographic set up.

After we created a good master we removed the model and repainted it reversing the colors so that now the veins were painted white and the arteries were painted black. We returned it to holographic set up and made our blue hologram master.

Finally, we shot two separate exposures from the two masters to create the final two color image using special chemicals to change the film's thickness during exposures to capture the colors.

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