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Holography Classes and Workshops

Learn and make your own hologram.

Holography classes are offered most weekday afternoons and on occasional weekday mornings. All classes are scheduled on an as needed basis by appointment only. Weekend classes incur a surcharge of an additional $100. We encourage weekday classes to avoid this fee. Most classes are one on one with a maximum class size of three people. Larger class sizes are possible by spoecial arrangement. Contact us for information about off site holography lectures and demonstrations. All prices are per student.

Read what people who have taken our classes have said.

Introduction to Holography Class $195
You'll learn the basic concepts of holography in a fun and interesting manner. The focus of this hands on class is on understanding and not memorization. Best of all, you actually make a single beam reflection hologram of your own in our midtown Manhattan subterranean laser holography laboratory. And when its all done, you get to take it home to show to your friends and family. This is a hologram that can been seen in normal light, so you won't need any special equipment to view it. Our staff has had thirty eight years of experience in teaching holography classes.
This two hour class is for both adults and kids. Its a one of a kind experience that you'll never forget. Many students who have taken the introductory class have gone on to win science fairs or get high honors in their school project on holography. Others have taken the class with an interest in pursuing holography as art or as a hobby.

Advanced Classes $295 each.   Average class time runs about two hours

  • Interference and Vibration - How to make and use an Interferometer, why it matters and what it does.
  • Single Beam Transmission Holography (laser viewable) - making an On-Axis hologram.
  • Advanced Single Beam Holography - techniques including conical and cylindrical holograms.
  • Designing and Building a Home Holography Lab and Darkroom - learn the basics of what you need, where to put it, what to avoid, and alternatives to expensive lab equipment.
  • Choosing the Right Home Hologrpahy Lab Equipment - to achieve your individual goals.
  • Optics for Holography - learn how to tune a Spatial Filter, use different types of Beam Splitters, Polarizers, Wave Plates, and more.
  • Off-axis Reflection Holography - using two separate beams to better control your hologram.
  • Off-axis Transmission Holography (laser viewable) - this is the type of hologram you would use as a master for a second generation hologram.
  • Image plane White Light Transmission Holography - how to use a cylindrical lens to make a "rainbow" hologram. Requires first taking Off Axis Transmission Holography Class.
  • Image plane Reflection Holography
  • How to make and process Dichromate Hologram Plates
  • Custom made Classes to suit your particular interest

Intensive Workshops: Our workshops are designed for those who are here for only a limited time and want to cover as much as possible of the basics to take home. We discuss how to make the major types of holograms with lectures and diagrams. Each day we get to cover several types of holograms based on your interests. A minimum number or no holograms are made depending upon available time constraints as well as the areas you decide you want to cover, although we do spend time in the laser lab and darkroom. The decision will be mutually agreed upon once you are here and select what material you want to concentrate upon. On average, it takes one to two hours to set up, shoot, and process a hologram. Time spent shooting holograms will limit the time to learn about other information. Most subject areas will take at least an hour or two to cover although we can go faster if time is limited. Students are encouraged to take notes and may keep all diagrams and holograms we make in class. These classes must be reserved in advance and require a non refundable deposit of $100. Reservations can be changed with a minimum of 48 hours notice

  • One Day Intensive Workshop (six hour one day session) - $750
  • Two days Intensive Workshop (six hours per day total time-12 hours) - $1,500
  • Three days Intensive Workshop (six hours per day - total time-18 hours) -$2,250
  • Four days Intensive Workshop (six hours per day - total time-24 hours) -$3,000
  • One Week Intensive Workshop (five days, six hours per day) - $4,500

Additional time @ $150/hour (if you want to spend extra time on a subject after the class time ends).

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